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NFC technology

How it works

NFC technology

NFC stands for "Near Field Communication". As the name suggests, two devices that are close to each other communicate with each other. NFC doesn't work from a distance, which is why it is considered particularly secure. You might already be using NFC technology if you're doing contactless payments with your phone or card. Our Tap to Tie cards have an integrated NFC chip to exchange contact information or links with a smartphone.

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Two ways to share

Share your details quickly and easily in 2 ways:

TAP the card
1. Tap the smartphone to Tap to Tie card.
2. Open the notification.

SCAN the QR code
1. Open the camera app.
2. Point the camera at the QR code.
3. Open the notification.


Tap to Tie works without an app! Here are the phones compatible with our NFC technology.

Apple - all phones after 2017
Samsung - all phones after 2014
Google - all phones after 2015
Huawei - all phones after 2016
HTC - all phones after 2015
LG - all phones after 2014
Nokia - all phones after 2016
OnePlus - all phones after 2015

Different phone models

Connect in 3 simple steps

Different card options

1. Design your card

Style your aesthetic wooden card with your chosen materials, and personalise it by choosing your wood, and adding your company logo and name. Support the cause of your choice.

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2. Create your profile

Add your contact information, links, pages and way more to create your digital profile. It only takes a minute!

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3. Tap & connect!

Share your details in 2 seconds: either tap card to any smartphone (NFC) or scan the QR code using your phone camera to grow your network.

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