Sustainable, economical, and practical.

One platform, all your contacts

Grow and save with reusable digital business cards.

Save and connect like never before

Reduce costs. All your information, one card

The average spend per person on business cards per year is 180€. Multiply that by the number of people in your company and the cost can get quite steep. With Tap to Tie reusable digital business cards you save big!

Better for your business - and the planet

Statistics show that more than 10 billion business cards are printed each year. How many of those cards are thrown out within the first week?

With Tap to Tie not only are you cutting less trees and creating less waste, but you're also giving 5% towards the environmental organisation of your choice. Big change starts small. Be an exemplary company.

All your team's profiles in one place

With a dedicated agent to create and manage all your employee profiles, enjoy an easy and quick Setup. New employee? Leaving employee? We've got it covered. Plus, benefit from priority premium customer support.

Better networking

Share everything about yourself and your company with one tap. With features such as the Contact form, or the AI business card scanner you can not just share, but also get the information from your potential client or partner.

Get a little more in life with our our Premium Plan business card

Let us take care of all the added extras.

A dedicated profile creator

With unlimited profile customization and priority premium customer support. Spend more time connecting, less time creating.

All information fields

Share everything about yourself, your company and what you are working on.

Ever-evolving features!

Benefit from constantly evolving features: contact form, business card scanner, and more.

Our Subscription Plan for Users

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Save 20%

For individuals

Create your digital business card profile for yourself, completely for free.


Free forever

Get started →

  • ✔️ Create 1 digital profile for yourself

  • ✔️ Basic customization

  • ✔️ Limited Basic functionalities, some fields are not available

  • ✔️ Share your profile via Apple Wallet, QR code, QR backgrounds (mobile & desktop)

  • ✔️ Offline & Online QR codes available

  • ✔️ Available on iOs, Android and the web

  • ✔️ Unlimited sharing

For individuals/teams

Unleash more features and customization with our teams solution (1-100 users).


3€ per month

14-day free trial included Billed annually

Start 14-day free trial →

Everything in Free plan, plus:

  • ✔️ Create up to 5 unique profiles

  • ✔️ Unlock access to all information fields

  • ✔️ Benefit from constantly evolving features: Contact form, advanced lead management, and more

  • ✔️ Manage contacts with our address book feature

  • ✔️ Enjoy a dedicated profile creator and spend more time connecting, less time creating

  • ✔️ Get unlimited customization for your profiles

  • ✔️ Priority premium customer support

For large teams

Fully tailored enterprise solution for larger companies (100+ users).


Customized plan

Contact sales →

Everything in the Premium plan, plus:

  • ✔️ Enterprise-wide Whitelabel solution

  • ✔️ Corporate design branding

  • ✔️ Tailored specifications

  • ✔️ Dedicated account manager

Here's what our customers say


Absolutely! The free account is forever free. It grants you access to our standard functionalities with some limitations. However, when you purchase NFC business cards from our shop, you unlock access to all standard features. And if you upgrade to the "Premium" plan, even more exciting features become available. These include a contact form to capture details from non Tap to Tie users, an AI-Business card scanner, Premium support, and much more.

Our free account allows you to test a single profile of Tap to Tie for an unlimited time. If you're interested in trying out the "Premium" plan, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

After the trial period, you can choose to sign up for a monthly or yearly renewal. By opting for the yearly renewal, you'll even receive a 20% discount.

Once the free trial ends, if users do not upgrade, they will lose all access to the premium features. The account will be automatically downgraded to a free account, and advanced features that were part of the premium plan will no longer be available. It's important to upgrade before the trial period expires to retain full access to all premium resources and features. Upgrading ensures that users maintain control over their profiles and settings while enjoying the enhanced capabilities provided by the premium plan.

After purchasing NFC business cards, here's what happens:

1. Purchase and Premium Plan Selection:

  • Customers have two options: they can either buy NFC cards directly from our online shop or contact us for a customized offer.
  • Customers can also choose to add the Premium plan at the time of purchase or select it later.

2. Design Approval:

  • For customized business cards, our designer creates a mockup design based on the customer's requirements.
  • The design is sent to the customer for approval before proceeding to printing.

3. Printing and Delivery:

  • Once the design is approved, we print the NFC business cards.
  • The printed cards are then delivered to the customer's specified location.

4. Profile Customization:

  • We ask the customer to provide a list of employee information, including email, first and last name, position, company, website, and more.
  • Using this information, we pre-fill each user's profile with the provided details, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Additionally, we harmonize the user profiles by using the same banner, websites, and other relevant elements to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.

5. Card Distribution and Activation:

  • The NFC cards are sent to the customer for distribution to their employees.
  • Employees activate their cards by scanning the attached QR code and setting a password.
  • Streamline your networking and accelerate lead conversion with a single tap (NFC) or scan (QR code) to effortlessly share all your information.

These steps offer flexibility in purchasing options and selecting the Premium plan. Whether customers buy directly from our online shop or request a customized offer, they can also add the Premium plan at their convenience. From design approval to card distribution and profile updates, our process ensures a smooth and customizable experience for obtaining NFC business cards.

Absolutely! With the "Premium plan," you can set up to five different profiles on your card. Switching between profiles is easy. Simply select one profile as the "Main profile," and that profile will be shared.

With our Premium plan, we handle profile management for you, setting us apart from competitors. However, each user can still access and edit their own profile. They simply need to visit our website at, log in using their credentials and chosen password. Our customer support team is ready to assist you if needed.

Absolutely! The Premium plan and its fantastic features are available to everyone, regardless of whether you're a company with 1000 employees or a solo entrepreneur.

Tap to Tie securely stores your data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt, Germany. The data is exclusively encrypted and remains within the AWS cloud environment. Our dedicated employees handle all Tap to Tie products and services, ensuring your data is safeguarded. Downloading or saving data to local machines is strictly prohibited, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality.