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Tap to Tie makes sharing contact information a breeze. With just your smartphone, effortlessly share your unique QR code through Apple Wallet, lock screens, and more. No need for physical cards – your contacts only require their own smartphones.

Once you order, simply activate your profile via email, fill in your details, and start networking immediately. Tap to Tie streamlines the process, making digital connections easier than ever before.

Tap to Tie donates 5% of your order value. Choose from our partners.

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Purchasing your digital business card at Tap to Tie is both straightforward and flexible. You have two options: you can buy directly from our online shop, or if you need a larger quantity or custom package, you can contact us at, and we'll create an offer tailored to your needs. After purchase, you'll receive an email from us. Simply click "activate your account," set your password, and you're all set. You can then manage your profile under "manage profiles" to edit your information as needed.

To get an idea of what your profile could look like, you can check out the profile of our founder, Marco, by visiting here. This example will give you a glimpse of the layout and content that can be included in a Tap to Tie profile.

  • Profile Name
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Company
  • Position
  • Birthday
  • Bio description (describe who you are and what you are working on)

Your contact details

  • Phone numbers
  • Mobile numbers
  • Custom label number
  • Email addresses
  • Connect your calendar (e.g. Calendly)

Your websites

  • Website links 1-4
  • Blog
  • PayPal link for payments

Your social media & messaging services

  • Custom link, LinkedIn, Xing
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube
  • WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram
  • Skype, Zoom


  • Work and home address


  • Profile pictures and banner image

Top links

  • Reorder your links according to importance. The links will appear as quicklink icons under your profile image.

You can use all fields, but you don’t have to. Empty fields are not shown in your profile.

Using QR Codes: Click the "Share" button on your public profile to access various sharing options, including QR codes. Others can easily access your profile by scanning the QR code with their smartphone's camera function.

Creating Wallpaper Backgrounds: Generate mobile and desktop wallpaper backgrounds featuring your QR code. Set the mobile background as your lock screen wallpaper or the desktop background on platforms like Teams. This enables anyone to scan the QR code for easy profile access. You can create both online and offline QR codes, allowing you to share your profile without needing an internet connection.

Adding to Apple Wallet: Add your profile to your Apple Wallet for convenient access and sharing.

Sharing via Airdrop: Use Airdrop to instantly share your profile with nearby iOS devices, ensuring quick and seamless sharing.

Adding to Email Signature: Include your profile link in your email signature to provide recipients with direct access to your profile every time you send an email.

Share your profile link through WhatsApp and other messaging platforms for additional sharing options.

By utilizing these methods, you can effortlessly share your fully digital business card with others, eliminating the need for physical cards.

No, you don't need to download an app. Here's what makes it so easy. Tap to Tie opens in any web browser and is ready to go right out of the box.

Yes, absolutely. You can easily update your profile by visiting and clicking on "Login" in the header. Once logged in with your personal password, you can reach your personal profile and modify any information you need, including your mobile number. Tap to Tie serves as your ultimate business card, offering you the flexibility to keep your details current and accurate at all times.


Compatible with all devices


No App




Update profile anywhere, anytime


and secure


Ever advancing

Digital card features

✔️Get all premium features for a full year with just one purchase.

✔️ Carry a convenient digital business card wherever you go.

✔️ Share your info quickly and easily with anyone you meet.

✔️ Share all your contact details effortlessly - phone, emails, websites, calendars, social media and more.

✔️ Your contacts will receive automatically notifications, once your contact info profile updates automatically whenever there's a change.

✔️ No need to download any extra apps - it works with any right away.

✔️ Your data is stored safely on AWS servers in Germany.

✔️ Share your profile online and offline with QR code, lock screen, Airdrop, WhatsApp, and more.

✔️ Customize your profile endlessly to fit your style and needs.

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Seamless Profile Access and Sharing

Seamless Profile Access and Sharing

Experience seamless profile access and sharing online or offline! Utilize QR codes, email, signature, WhatsApp, Airdrop, Wallet and more.

Simple Lead Generation & Contact Management

Simple Lead Generation & Contact Management

Effortlessly turn connections into business opportunities. Utilize the "Contact Form" feature to create new leads and manage them efficiently with the "Contacts" address book.

Stay Always Up-to-Date

Stay Always Up-to-Date

Experience seamless profile access and sharing online or offline! Utilize QR codes, email, signature, WhatsApp, Airdrop, Wallet and more.

Limitless Customization Possibilities

Limitless Customization Possibilities

Create up to 5 profiles tailored to your needs. Whether it's crafting profiles in multiple languages, establishing a freelancer or private profile, or adding personal touches like custom colors.