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Big change starts small.

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Our mission

Coming from a corporate background, we felt first hand the pain of making hundreds of business cards just to throw them away at the next professional career change. And let's be honest - do we really keep other people's cards?

This is why Tap to Tie was born - reusable, eco-friendly digital business cards with built-in NFC technology. When you purchase a Tap to Tie card, you're getting an FSC approved wooden card, sustainably made and can be used as many times as you like. We also give 5% of each purchase to one of three organisations combating climat change.

Environment-First is our commitment.

Our eco-friendly cards

Our cards are made of wood and come exclusively from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) controlled forestry. They are made of modified veneer, from sustainably managed, regional forests. The card carriers are biodegradable and comply with the approach of a circular economy. In this way, we actively contribute to the resource-saving use of raw materials, the reduction of plastic waste and the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Different wood types and colours
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Looks good, does good

With the real wood cards of the Organic Line you are fully in the trend. In the rustic wood look, these cards convince with their haptics and their individuality.

We offer a wide range of 6 types of wood, each for itself, a piece of nature awareness in your business.

- Format: 85.4 mm x 53.8 mm
- Thickness: 1,3 mm - 1,5 mm
- Material: real wood (FSC® * certified wood product certificate number CERT-0104753)
- Equipped with NFC chip

Why choose wood over plastic or metal

We partner with the following environmental organizations


PLANT-MY-TREE® carries out reforestation projects, which includes projects for initial reforestation, ecological forest conversion and forest protection in Germany. They support people and companies who would like to get involved in the preservation of our environment, and for our climate.

Tap to Tie's Support of PMT

You can actively participate in our reforestation projects in Germany. With your climate protection contribution in the form of a tree donation, you support environmental and climate protection in Germany.

PLANT-MY-TREE® offers a long-term solution for forest porection. All new planted areas are handed over to the PLANT-MY-TREE® foundation, which ensures its future preservation.

Hands watering seed for Plant my Tree organisation

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. They defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue.

Did you know on average, every whale helps remove as much carbon from our atmosphere each year as 30,000 trees? The same amount as a forest the size of 1,000 football pitches!

Tap to Tie's Support of WDC

Adopting will help give whales and dolphins a future by bringing about change through education, action and regulations that will protect them.

At Tap to Tie through our happy customers we were able to support the WDC by adopting the humpback whale “Salt”.

Whale swimming in ocean

Sea Forester

Sea Forester is an environmental impact organisation that replants the ocean and restores seaweed ecosystems using innovative seaforestation techniques. Their main approach involves the seeding of small stones with seaweed spores, growing them on land in specialised nurseries and deploying them in the sea. The seeded stones can be scattered from a boat without the need for divers or technical equipment, providing a low-cost and scalable solution to restore these productive ocean habitats.

Tap to Tie's Support of Sea Forester

Through our collaboration with Sea Forester, we can directly participate in reforestation activities around the world. Seaweed forests can absorb up to six times as much CO2 as trees and are also very important for marine biodiversity.

At Tap to Tie, we donate 5% of your purchase to support Sea Forester and help restore the "forgotten seaweed forests" of our oceans.

Seaweed forest in ocean

Every little helps