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Tap to Tie is your attractive, eco-friendly reusable business card. Share all your info in one tap (NFC) or one scan (QR code) and grow your network and convert leads quicker and simpler.

  • NFC Chip embedded
  • Card body made of 100% real wood, no plastics! Each card is a unique ambassador of nature
  • Various wood species available from domestic and sustainable sources: FSC certified
  • Waste-free: saves paper and is compliant with a circular economy
  • High surface hardness and scratch resistance
  • Hygienic and Corona-conform: reduces physical interaction through contactless networking

We ship worldwide.

For standard cards:
Expected delivery time is 7 days. For other countries, shipping may take longer.

For cards with customized design:
After design approval the card will be delivered within 7 days. For other countries, this may vary.

Customize your Tap to Tie as you please. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the design brief. Design options:

Front side:
- Choose your preferred wood material
- Add your company logo (optional)
- Add your First and Last names (optional)
- Show your logo in its original colour, in black or in white
- Select the size (S, M, L) and positioning of your logo (top left, bottom, left, center)

Back side: not changeable, QR Code

Tap to Tie works without an app! Here are the phones compatible with our NFC technology.

Apple- all phones after 2017
Samsung- all phones after 2014
Google- all phones after 2015
Huawei- all phones after 2016
HTC- all phones after 2015
LG- all phones after 2014
Nokia- all phones after 2016
OnePlus- all phones after 2015

✔️ Credit card size (86mm x 54mm x 1,3 mm - 1,5 mm)
✔️ Real FSC certified wood
✔️ Sustainable, recyclable, and ethical
✔️ Biodegradable, compostable

PLANT-MY-TREE® - carries out reforestation projects, which includes projects for initial reforestation, ecological forest conversion and forest protection in Germany. They support people and companies who would like to get involved in the preservation of our environment, and for our climate.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation - the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. They defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue.

Sea Forester - an environmental impact organisation that replants the ocean and restores seaweed ecosystems using innovative seaforestation techniques. Their main approach involves the seeding of small stones with seaweed spores, growing them on land in specialised nurseries and deploying them in the sea. The seeded stones can be scattered from a boat without the need for divers or technical equipment, providing a low-cost and scalable solution to restore these productive ocean habitats.